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New York Power Authority (NYPA)


New York Power Authority​


Art Direction



The New York Power Authority is the nation's largest state public power organization, with 16 generating facilities and more than 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines.

NYPA - Accelerating Our Digital Journey Video


NYPA needs a showcase video to manifest that they power the entire New York state and pursue the goal of becoming the first digital utility end-to-end nationally and are a leader in promoting energy efficiency, innovating new energy technologies and electric transportation initiatives, and accelerating digitization.

屏幕截图 2021-09-24 172303.jpg

Mind Map


Per the communication with the client, we found that there would be more digitization-related projects in the future. They wanted the projects to be iconic.


So it’s more than creating a video. They actually need an entire visual system for the future NYPA digitization projects with the overall objective to enhance and amplify NYPA’s audience and influence. It was helpful that we figured their actual needs.


However, the client only provided us with the budget and time to create a video but a visual system.

NYPA Innovation_visual elements.jpg



3D Model


Light Spot

Visual Elements

Demo Animation

Demo Animation


“Accelerating Our Digital Journey” Video is crucial as it set the tone and translated the core visual language across print media, video media, interactive media, illustrations, and presentations of NYPA digitization.

We did a lot of research on finessing the visual system. We selected the visual elements that convey digital, smart and innovative technologies to let their clients and investors think of NYPA and NYPA digitization every time they see the design.

Select Frames from NYPA - Accelerating Our Digital Journey Video

Also, we ensured that the visual language in diverse creative content on different platforms is unified.

NYPA Ops Software Infographic_v06.png
NYPA Ops TLEM Overview Infographic_s.jpg
NYPA Smart Meters Upgrades Niagara_v02.png
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