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New York Power Authority Infographic Series

I established a complete visual system and led art direction for a series of infographics of New York Power Authority (NYPA), influencing the later designs includes videos, infographics and websites.

This series of infographics showcase the updating programs and technologies and visualize the complex hierarchy and the intricate relationship between different information. They all received high praise from NYPA Operations leaders, were included in Asset Savvy magazine, were printed for display at NYPA offices and were posted on social media. They also gained very positive feedback from employees and from executive leadership, and resulted in other groups within NYPA to reserve space in future issues and wanting more corporation with developing future stories.

NYPA Ops Software Infographic_v06.png
NYPA Ops TLEM Overview Infographic_s.jpg
NYPA OPGW_rectangle_digital02_s.jpg
NYPA Smart Meters Upgrades Niagara_v02.p
NYPA Ops Asset Info Tool_rectangle digit

Client: New York Power Authority


Role: Art Direction, Design, 3D

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