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LC Drives


Art Direction





LC Drives has developed and patented Permanent Magnet motor/generator technologies that enable the design and manufacture of electric motors and generators that are smaller, lighter, more efficient.

LC Drives Website_longpic.jpg

UI Design


The client wants to redesign their website and create a promotional video showcasing the electric motors and generators. The target audience is people with engineering backgrounds.

LC Drives Website_longpic.jpg

UI Design


Regarding industrial products like this, it needs to be relatively accurate. It’s not a fancy iPhone promo video. It needs to be more sincere and have fewer gimmicks.

To keep the “dry” material accurate but showcase it in a compelling way. We need to find a perfect balance.

LC Drives old website_screenshot.jpg
LC Drives Website_longpic.jpg

Before & After

The other challenge is about the video displaying on the website and social media. At the early stage of the project, the client sent us a short video but they didn’t know what story to tell at all. It lacks clear direction and made it hard to move forward.

LC Drive old video_screenshot.png

Screenshot of the video that client sent us


Since their product’s pros are smaller, lighter, and more efficient. Why don’t we compare to ordinary products to emphasize it so that the audience can easily tell the difference? So we started pitching the client with this idea and a draft script.

new stator.jpg


For the visual style, realistic 3D is the first choice to meet their requirements. I would say 80% of clients like realistic 3D style as it’s straightforward and understandable compared to other visual styles. 3D is an appropriate way to illustrate products correctly. And plus my art direction and 3D skills. I added dramatic lighting to make it look more appealing and subtle effects to make it look more exquisite.

LC Drives Motor Cooling Explainer Video

Key visuals

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